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Cambodia is located in Southeastern Asia. It is mostly flat and forested country about the size of Missouri. Cambodia’s climate is tropical and the monsoon season runs from May to November. The official language is Khmer named after the Angkor Empire from which most Cambodians consider themselves descendants.


The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Cambodia has many religions which include Buddhist (96.4%), Muslim (2.1%), other (1.3%), and unspecified (0.2%). Buddhism is more of a way of life than a religion and followers do not “worship” Buddha or the statues. However, Buddhists often bow to the statue to pay respect for the teachings he taught.


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  • - Time and punctuality are not eternal worries as they are in the west.

    - A smile doesn’t necessarily mean agreement or happiness

    - Direct eye contact is generally considered disrespectful, particularly across the sexes.

    - Guests are generally quiet unless spoken to, and mealtimes are not always the social event that westerners are accustomed to.

    - A Cambodian meal commonly consists of three or four separate items – perhaps one sweet, one sour, one savory. Chilies are usually added by the individual.

    - Rice is eaten with every meal

  • - Many Cambodians live with members of their extended families. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins may live in the same home. The extended families often work together as well.

    - Cambodian parents usually give their children symbolic names that rhyme with the name of another family member.

    - Most students wear uniforms to school.

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