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Colombia is located in South America at the juncture of Central and South America. Geographically Colombia is approximately four times the size of Nevada. There is a large variety in temperature and precipitation in the country due to differences in elevation. At sea level it is quite hot, but the mountains can be snow covered. Colombia is also in the ‘ring of fire’ and experiences earthquakes regularly.


The capital of Colombia is Bogota which is the center of commerce and largest city.


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  • - Colombians commonly have two family names. They take both their father’s last name as their second-to-last name and mother’s last name as the last name. However they use their father’s last name as their surname.
    - Punctuality is not a highly regarded habit, in fact it is not unusual for dinner guests to arrive late.
    - Lunch is typically the main meal of the day but in urban areas more families are eating their main meal in the evening at 7 or 8 p.m.
    - Fütbol (soccer) is the most popular sport in Colombia.
    - Public transportation is the main means of travel for residents of Colombia.
    - The school year in Colombia runs from February to November in some areas and August to June in other areas.
    - Students attend elementary school, Educación básica primaria (1-5th grade) followed by Educación básica secundaria (6th - 9th grade) then Educación media vocacional (which is equivalent to our 10th & 11th grades).

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