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Denmark is a European country about twice the size of Massachusetts located between the North and Baltic Sea. In addition to the peninsula (called Jutland) Denmark consists of more than 400 islands. It is a land of gently rolling hills, moors, lakes, and woodland. Winters are mild compared to Norway and Sweden and summers are cool with average highs of 72 degrees.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen where about one-fourth of the population lives.


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  • - Danish is the official language of Denmark, but all students study English beginning in 5th grade.
    - The Evangelical Lutheran Church is Denmark’s national religion, but the majority of Danes do not attend church on a weekly basis.
    - Bicycles are common transportation in Denmark and many students ride a bike to school each day.
    - The Danish prefer their sandwiches open-faced.
    - Good table manners include holding the fork in the left hand the knife in the right hand while eating. It is also important for the hands to remain visible during the meal.
    - Danish children have a habit of saying ‘tak for mad’ (thanks for the meal) to their parents for making/providing the meal.
    - Parents in Denmark tend to be liberal and allow their children freedom in making decisions for themselves.

Download the Denmark Culture Gram here.

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