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Germany is a country located in Central Europe that is about the same size as Montana. The climate is temperate with cold winters and warm summers. Germany is divided into 16 states and has a varied landscape of seaside, mountains, rivers, forests, cities, and small towns. After World War II Germany was divided into two separate countries. In 1990 West Germany and East Germany were reunified into one country. Some large cities in Germany are Berlin, the capital, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfort.


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  • - Germans typically do not sleep between 2 sheets. Instead they sleep beneath a duvet (a big fluffy comforter) and a bottom sheet.
  • - Football (soccer) is a very popular sport. In fact, there are more football clubs in Germany than any other country in the world.
  • - Another favorite sport for students is Handball. This team sport is played indoors on a court similar to indoor soccer or lacrosse. Teams of 6 try to score a goal by throwing a medium size ball into a field hockey size goal.
    - German students are required to attend school to the 10th grade. Then they may choose to continue into apprenticeship programs, secondary school, or Gymnasium. Only students attending Gymnasium go onto University.
  • - In German schools the students stay in one classroom with the same group of students for their entire day (usually 7:30am - 1pm) and their teachers come to them. Students go home for lunch.
    - Most Germans prefer their drinks without ice.


Download the Germany Culture Gram here.

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