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Why should your family host an exchange student?

    * to learn about another country and the customs of its people
    * to teach a young adult about the customs of Americans
    * to experience being a parent to an adolescent
    * to learn about your own cultural heritage
    * to create an opportunity to travel abroad
    * to expose your children to a different culture
    * to promote world peace

Host families provide a nurturing home-life for a high school-age international teen for 5 to 10 months while the student attends the local high school.

Host families are volunteers who share their hearts and homes. Families provide:

    A safe and loving environment,
  • a bedroom with storage space (a student can share a room with another teenager),
  • nutritious meals (students purchase their own school lunch), and
  • reasonable transportation to/from school activities.


Families with children of all ages, single parents, and empty-nesters, are all welcome to host.

Start the wonderful world of cultural exchange! Contact us and one of our staff members will be happy to answer your questions.

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