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Italy is a boot shaped country in southern Europe. It is a mountainous country with a very long coastline. Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. Other well known cities include Venice, Florence, Naples,and Pisa. Pasta and pizza are two popular foods from Italy.

Northern Italy has warm summers and cool winters while southern Italy has mild winters and hot summers


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  • - In Northern Italy most residents speak German at home instead of Italian. In other areas of Italy residents also speak French.
    - Extended family is important to Italians
    - Most Italians are Roman Catholic but, like in much of Europe, few Italians attend church regularly.
    - The main meal in Italy was traditionally at noon time, but many Italians now eat their main meal in the evening. The large meal of the day usually contains 3 courses.
    - Higher secondary school (for students 16 - 18 years old) is divided into 7 choices: liceo scientifico (scientific); liceo classico (classic); liceo linguistico (language); istituto magistrale (school for teachers); istituto tecnico (technical school); istituto professionale (professional school); plus a variety of art schools

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