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Japan is an island nation with over 4,000 islands formed by volcanoes. The four main islands of Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. The temperature varies across the country from bitterly cold winters in the north to a tropical climate in the south. Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun and has a long history.


The capital of Japan is Tokyo. Other large cities include Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka.


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  • - Buddhism and Shintoism are the most practiced religions in Japan.

    - Most students wear the same uniform (white polo shirt, black slacks/skirt)

    - Education is taken very seriously and many students go to additional test preparation classes so that they can enter the best university.

    - Everyone takes their shoes off inside their homes.

    - Japan is a group-oriented society and loyalty to the group and respect for authority are highly valued traits.

    - Losing face, especially in public is very undesirable.

    - Japanese people tend to be very polite and may give a quick ‘yes’ answer even when they may not mean it.

    - People usually don’t walk and eat at the same time. It’s considered rude.

    - Rice and tea are part of almost every meal.


Download the Japan Culture Gram here.

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