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South Korea is located in Asia on the Korean peninsula. Since the end of World War II Korea has been divided at the 38th parallel into North and South Korea. The eastern part of South Korea is dominated by hills and mountains and the western and southern parts are predominately plains. The Korean climate is temperate and all four seasons are experienced.


Seoul is the capital and largest cities. Other important cities in South Korea are Busan, Daegu, and Incheon.


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  • - Korea is an ethnically homogeneous country.
  • - Confucianism is a philosophy that permeates all parts of Korean society.

    - Children are expected to show respect to their parents and all elders.

    - Korean people tend to be very modest when talking about themselves.

    - The Korean written language is called Hangul and consists of 24 letters.

    - Korean food is typically spicy. Kimchi (a spicy pickled cabbage) and rice are staples at almost every meal.

    - Education is highly valued and students very often take additional classes to prepare for the competitive entrance exams for the university.

    - Historically babies in South Korea are considered one when they are born and despite the actual birth date, age is counted beginning on January 1 each year. So, a child born in June would be one a birth and turn 2 in 6 months on January 1.


Download the South Korea Culture Gram here.

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