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Sweden is one of the ‘three fingers’ of Scandinavia and is the size of the state of California. The landscape of Sweden includes forests, rivers, lakes, rolling hills, and mountains. The Northern most part of Sweden is in the arctic circle and has very short summers and long winters. The southern part of Sweden is temperate with temperatures varying from 64 degrees in the summer to 27 degrees in the winter. More than 80% of the population lives in the lower third of the country.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is the location where most of the Nobel prizes are awarded.


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  • - 87% of the population of Sweden belong to the Evangelical Lutheran church but few attend regularly.

    - Swedes who live in cities often rent an apartment in the city and own a country cottage where they spend holidays and vacations.

    - The driving, voting, and drinking age is 18 years old.

    - Swedes typically eat a light breakfast and lunch and have their main meal in the evening about 6pm.

    - Swedish meatballs, potatoes, and ligonberry jam are a favorite meal.

    - Physical fitness is very important to the Swedish people.

    - Both public and private school in Sweden are free.

    - Compulsory education ends at age 16 but many students continue their education for 3 years at Gymnasium (academic high school)

    - The teacher-student relationship is relaxed and many students call their teachers by their first name.

Download the Sweden Culture Gram here.

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