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The United Kingdom of Great Britain, often nicknamed the UK, includes the nations of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. and Wales. The terrain includes high ground, countrysides of rolling hills, and coast land. Narrow, deep lakes, called lochs are prominent in northwest England and Scotland. The entire area of the U.K. is about twice the size of New York state. The climate of the U.K. is considered temperate. More than one-half of the days are overcast.


The capital is London. Other major cities in the UK are Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, and Belfast.


English is the official language of the United Kingdom. The government in the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and with a parliamentary government. The monetary unit in the U.K. is the Pound, not the Euro. The games of soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, and golf were all invented in Britain.


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  • - The British are a class conscious group of people. Demeanor, accent, manners, and comportment are all variables that play a role in class determination.

    - As a whole, Brits tend not to use superlatives and do not appear animated when they speak publically.

    - Brits appreciate personal space and are not physically demonstrative with anyone other than family members.

    - Privacy is extremely important to the British and even close friends do not ask pointedly person questions.

    - The British tend to be very concerned about proper behavior and protocol and value punctuality.

    - Brits are famous for their orderly queues and ‘Queue Jumping’ is frowned upon.

    - Education is free and compulsory for all children between the ages of 5 - 16.

    - At the age of 16, students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland take an examination called the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

    - After completing the GCSE, some students leave school, others go onto technical college, whilst others continue at high school for two more years and take a further set of standardized exams, known as A levels, in three or four subjects. These exams determine whether a student is eligible for university.

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