Everything You Need To Know About Hosting: Q&A

What does it mean to be a NWS host family?

Host families provide a nurturing home-life for a high school student who will attend a local high school. Families provide a safe and loving environment, a bedroom, and meals for a student.

Do host families receive compensation for hosting?

All of NWS host families are volunteer and do not receive payment for hosting. Exchange students bring their own spending money and are expected to pay for school lunch, entertainment, personal items and souvenirs. Students also come with medical insurance and will cover all their medical bills if they have an accident/injury.

What kind of families can host a student?

All type of families can host! Families with children of all ages, single parents, empty-nesters are all eligible to host.

How long is the NWS high school exchange program?

Commitment ranges from 8 weeks to 10 months and your family can select the student that best matches your family.

What kind of support will we receive?

Your NWS local coordinator is available anytime to answer questions and support both your family and the student. There is also a staff member available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Will we receive information about the hosting experience?

Before your student arrives, you will have a meeting with your local coordinator. You will be provided with information on the student’s country and about hosting.

What will our exchange student expect?

Your student will expect to be treated like a member of your family. This includes helping with chores and participating in family activities.

Will our student abide by the rules of our home?

Yes, as a part of your family, they must abide by your rules. This includes rules about chores, curfew, dating, etc.

Why should my family host an international student?

To learn about a new culture/customs, to teach a teenager from another country about American culture, to expose your children and community to another culture, to create a bond with a new son or daughter that will last a lifetime.

What if the student is caught drinking or doing illegal drugs?

If a student breaks the law, it may lead to their immediate dismissal from the program.

Who pays for our exchange students expenses during the program?

All exchange students have their own spending money to cover personal expenses, such as school supplies, clothing, snacks outside of the home and entertainment, etc. Host families are expected to provide room and board and reasonable transportation to school activities.

May our exchange student share a bedroom with one of our children?

Many NWS host families do not have enough bedrooms in their home to accommodate an exchange student with a private bedroom. We require only that your student share a room with one host sibling of the same gender and similar age. The student must have their own bed and their own space for their personal items.

Is the host family the legal sponsor for the student?

No. NWS is the legal sponsor for the student. As legal sponsor, NWS issues the documents necessary for the student to obtain an exchange-visitor visa to enter the United States and to participate in the NWS high school exchange program. NWS remains legally responsible for the student for the duration of the program. The host family does, however, have permission to obtain medical treatment from a licensed physician for the student when necessary. A medical release signed by the biological parents is included in the student's application.

Would it be acceptable to invite our student to our place of worship?

Your exchange student should be invited to attend your place of worship. If your exchange student is of a different religion, but is interested in attending your church, temple, or synagogue to learn more about this aspect of our culture, they should be welcomed and encouraged. Arrangements should be made to allow the exchange student to attend the church of his/her choice if so desired.

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