Supervisors/Regional Managers Come Join Our Team

Here at NW Services we highly value our Local Coordinators and Supervisors/Regional Managers!

Here at Team NWS we believe in what we do and why we do it! We love international exchange and what it brings to our families, schools communities and country! We don’t have to use “high pressure” tactics to get our students placed. NW Services is a family that works together to ensure each and EVERY student gets placed and can live out their “American” experience here with us!

We know how hard our teams work to find great host families for our students. We know the challenges they face. NW Services has the

BEST teams fully committed to our students, host families and schools. We believe they deserve the highest compensation for doing so and WE are committed to making sure they get it!

PLEASE, reach out to us to discuss our Supervisor/Regional Manager compensation…. You will be glad you did!


NW Services Local Coordinator Compensation

As a 1099 contracted Local Coordinator NW Services does not take out deductions from pay. This was at the request or our Local Coordinators who now have the ability to deduct their own work expenses from their taxes. We suggest to all of our LC’s that they keep a mileage log and an envelope with all office receipts and expenses such as printers, copy paper, pens, new computer, phone, desk, desk chair, etc. Deductions such as expenses for gatherings with the students, taking them out to lunch or for coffee, etc., are allowed.

Regular AYP placement pay: $800 

State Guarantee placement pay: (+$500) $1300 total placement pay

Semester Student placement pay: $700

Supervision pay: $50 additional monthly per student

Total compensation for the school year per student placed: $1300 - $1800.

Travel Incentives:

For each placement made a “travel point” is earned and banked for reward trips.

This fall 2023 we are going on an all expenses paid 7 day Greek Island cruises for those that earned the trip!

In 2024 our plan is a trip to Costa Rica. This trip will cost 8 travel points for the Local Coordinator or 18 points for the Coordinator and a guest. As long as you are a coordinator for NW Services your travel points are banked until used and never exp


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